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You Don't Need to Lose Your Home

How to create a solid foreclosure defense in Baton Rouge, LA

You've invested so much into your home, financially and emotionally. Now, it looks like you could lose it all. Dickson Law Firm, LC can help you stop foreclosure in Baton Rouge, Louisiana or the surrounding area.

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You could stop foreclosure by answering these questions

Dickson Law Firm has presented successful foreclosure defense cases by finding deficiencies in the foreclosure filing process. We often uncover these deficiencies by asking a series of questions, such as...

  • When were you served the foreclosure papers?
  • Does your lender seem to be creating the problems?
  • If your property has co-owners, were they also served?

A foreclosure defense attorney in the Baton Rouge, LA area can help you find a valid reason to halt the foreclosure process. During this time, we'll work with you to find a long-term solution.

Learn how you can stop foreclosure on your home. Contact our foreclosure defense law firm today.